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Simple Self Healing Energy Method
compares to Reiki but it involves one simple position that you use on yourself.

The longer you stay in position, the more benefits you receive.  

Most people ease symptoms in one session.

Regular users can experience Systemic Wellbeing -- an alignment of the unseen energetic systems in and around you.




To Optimal 
Energy and 
Peace of Mind

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What is Simple Self Healing?

Simple Self Healing Energy Method is the simplest energy healing technique to learn and use.  It accesses the same universal energy as many energy healing techniques.  However, it is designed for you to learn quickly and use independently without paying for costly training or healing sessions. 


You can master the Simple Self Healing basics in minutes. Once you have learned the process, you can use it anytime on yourself  or join sessions for extra support.  No time-consuming training or costly certification is necessary.   

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Simple Self Healing is easier than you might imagine.  The unique position helps you tune in to high vibrational healing energy which exists naturally in all things.  As you sit in position, healing energy flows where it is most needed in your body, effortlessly increasing your health and energy.  The more you work with it, the greater the benefits.

Like most energy healing techniques, Simple Self Healing can improve mind-body health.  It can ease symptoms of disease.  Because everything is energy, it can even balance your energy and prepare you for a challenging day.

How Simple Self Healing Works

In a Simple Self Healing session, you sit in a specific position until your hands warm up.  Once your hands feel hot or tingly, the healing has begun! 

You can TRUST that healing energy is flowing EXACTLY where it is needed in your body.  It has a special kind of intelligence that knows where to go and what to do.

Once your hands warm up, you will sit for at least 20 more minutes, longer if you are able, to experience the maximum benefits.

Though every session is different, most people can ease mild symptoms and mind-body concerns in just one session.

Users who do Simple Self Healing often enough and stay in position long enough, often experience surprising benefits.  

The more you use this method, the faster and stronger the energy can flow.  

Simple Self Healing Energy Method is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibrational energy. 

Facilitated sessions include lessons about energy work and tips to develop your sensitivity to unseen energy.

Though healing energy can flow just by sitting in position, you will also learn tips to aid energy flow and raise your vibration.  You will often receive general healing tips.   

You don't even have to be unwell to benefit!  The ultimate goal is Systemic Wellbeing.  It compares to euphoria but is actually a high vibrational alignment of the energetic systems in around you.

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More About Simple Self Healing

Simple Self Healing has been used for over 20 years.  It is a relaxing self-healing process of sitting in one restful position. 

This unique position maximizes the flow of universal energy – the energy that is everywhere, just beyond all things we can see or touch.  This energy can help determine the physical condition of things.  Tuning in to regularly can keep us healthy, energetic, and balanced.   

You don't need to know what is going on in your body.  You don't need to mentally direct the energy.  However, you can if you want to.  Universal energy has a sort of "intelligence" that allows it flow exactly where it is needed.  When you sit in position long enough, you feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated and the benefits can be lasting.  The more you use it, the greater the benefits.

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Simple Self Healing Goodwill Business Policy
Simple Self Healing Goodwill Business Policy

It is our policy to offer generous assistance to anyone who asks for it.

It is our policy to communicate openly and offer guidance about maximizing the Simple Self Healing Energy Method for those who request it. 

It is our policy to offer free or discounted sessions to those experiencing extreme health and financial challenges.

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