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Energy Healing Recalibrates Body and Mind from the Inside Out

Meditating in Garden

Here are the some of the milestones you can experience in your very first session:

1. You are in position and your hands have warmed up so you KNOW the healing has begun.

2. You start to feel subtle movement, warmth or tingling in your body.


3. You feel mild symptoms decreasing & illness clearing.


4. Powerful waves — that can gradually improve your longterm health — are pulsing through your body.


5. You experience Systemic Wellbeing — a sense of wellness, power and connectedness.


6. This means you’ve raised your vibration & aligned the unseen energy systems in and around your body.

We could charge hundreds for an introductory session! But you can learn the method in one $36 session.  We offer generous discounts for anyone who asks and for those  experiencing Covid-19 or Long-Covid.

In your first session you will sit in one relaxing position that activates your natural healing abilities. You will experience some of the above milestones.

After you learn the basics, you can feel better, give yourself a boost, balance fatigue or anxiety, prepare for rigorous activities, have more good days… anytime you want.

A Great Day
for Health!

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