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You don’t have to.  You can learn to use Simple Self Healing in just a few minutes by watching an introductory video.  However, we highly recommend you join full sessions on this site until you have done several sessions.  It is also a good idea to join full sessions whenever you feel physically, mentally or emotionally imbalanced, fatigued, stressed or unable to meet the meet your day-to-day challenges. 


As with most new practices, giving up too soon or just not doing it are the biggest downfalls.  We are here to support your success with Simple Self Healing by offering fresh daily sessions as often as you need them. 

Joining full sessions will support you in sitting in position long enough to receive the maximum benefits.  It will also help raise your confidence so you can use Simple Self Healing on your own with optimal success. 

Universal Energy works subtly in our bodies.  If you are new to energy work, joining full sessions will give you the added benefit of learning to tune in to energy.  It takes time to learn to notice energy and to trust that it is working in your body. 

In a Simple Self Healing session, you do not have to work at it.  You only need to sit in position and let the energy flow.  However, with a little practice, you can gently influence the flow and movement of energy with your mind.  Full sessions can help you quickly master that skill.

Why Should I Pay for a Full Session?
Individual Session
24 Hour of Unlimited Access to Recent
Video Sessions
One Week of Sessions
7 Days of Unlimited Access to Recent
Video Sessions
One Month of  Sessions
30 Days of Unlimited Access to Recent
Video Sessions
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